All you need is love, except when the State judges families (Part I & II) by Ian Josephs

In this essay we are proud to present British philanthropist Ian Josephs on his work helping families targeted by UK Social Services. In the first part of the essay, Ian Josephs makes the unexpected suggestion that today’s grim and severe child protection services are the product of that happiest and most carefree of times – the Swinging Sixties! In the second part of the essay he demonstrates how big money and a low threshold for the removal of children from their families in the UK is causing ever-increasing numbers of unwarranted child removals. 

India Should Not Adopt A Western-Style Child Protection System by Joe Burns

Joe Burns is a prominent international activist and critic of Western Child Protection Services (CPS) from the Republic of Ireland. Over the last decade he has helped numerous innocent families, including many Indian ones, facing persecution by European child protection agencies. Read on for why Joe Burns warns India to develop her own child protection system and not adopt the Western one which is, in fact, abusing children in the name of child protection.

Governments Removing Children from Families on Inadequate and Fraudulent Grounds by Christopher Booker

Distinguished journalist Christopher Booker writes about systemic dysfunction in Britain’s child protection system, which is unfortunately being replicated by governments around the world, including India. Christopher Booker has been reporting the wrongful removal of children by British Social Services since 2009. In this article he describes the widespread commercialisation of Britain’s child care system, one-sided inquires in child protection cases that are weighed against the parents every step of the way, and the abuse of children in the custody of foster carers which is causing untold suffering of parents and children targeted by a child protection system that has become “horribly corrupted from the initial high-minded ideals for which it was set up”.