Children in Imperial Europe by Kaustav Bhattacharyya

Global child rights discourse often turns the spotlight on how children are treated – historically and in present times – in the Third World. But it is also educational to turn the gaze around to study the treatment of children down the ages in the West. In this article we look at the child in Imperial Britain, Germany (Prussia) and France – the three dominant powers of Europe of the time.

Children and Mothers Victimised by Danish Child Protection Services by Mrutyuanjai Mishra

In this article you hear the voice of children against the Child Protection Services (CPS) – two girls who ran back to their mother after years of forced foster care and a little boy whose cries for his mother went unheeded. Also note the way the child who resists being separated from his family is drugged into submission by the system. This is also yet another story of Western CPS preying on mothers fleeing domestic violence.

Denmark’s proposed “ghettoudspil” laws target children of immigrants by Mrutyuanjai Mishra

Danish-based Indian journalist Mrutyuanjai Mishra writes about the proposed “ghettoudspil 2030” law that targets Danish ghetto areas where immigrants tend to be concentrated and under which it would be easier for child protection authorities to remove immigrant children. This appears to be an extension of steadily tightening immigration rules that are even discriminating against returning Danish expatriate’s families, particularly those with foreign spouses.

Sex, Lies and Child Rights NGOs by Suranya Aiyar

Not only has the child protection industry been ignoring the culture of abuse of children outside the home, they have been guilty of molesting children themselves. What this does tell us is that the child protection industry has not been under sufficient scrutiny to keep to any standards – whether in the character of the people it hires, or in the quality of the work being done.