German Prof Reports Bias, Stereotypes against Migrant Parents by Child Agencies of Global North

Seminar: A Year Since Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway, 27 March 2024 convened by Suranya Aiyar, Founder, Save Your Children.

Well-known German family and culture studies expert, Dr Heidi Keller, speaks of prejudiced evaluation of families, women and children from different cultures coming as migrants and refugees to Global North countries. Child protection services fail to protect children and show very negative outcomes, including falling into crime. for children is state care.

Dr Keller states that psychological evaluations of foreign families is highly biased and fails to acknowledge the diversity of child-raising ideologies and practices. Child services workers are taught a universalistic view of development that is fed by deeply ingrained stereotypes against anything alien. Courts are supporting these biased workers instead of supervising them.

The system treats all non-Western ideas and practices of child-raising as deficient and even dangerous for children.