“Stay Strong To Every Loving Parent, Anywhere,” Vaclav Klaus, Jr., Czech MP

Vaclav Klaus Jr. is a Czech Member of Parliament and expert in children’s education. This is a message written by him especially for the launch of our website a few months before he was elected to Parliament in October 2017. Mr Klaus is a powerful voice against the current model of child protection that seeks to undermine the biological family and has a low threshold for the confiscation of children from their families. He has spoken against the unjust confiscation of children of Czech immigrants in the United Kingdom, Norway and other countries. His organisation, Centrum pro občanské svobody (Czech Centre for Civic Freedoms) has done extensive work on this issue, most recently organising a demonstration in Prague (see below) outside the Norwegian Embassy on 15 May 2017. Centrum pro občanské svobody also released a highly informative paper on child protection services in the Czech Republic on the day of the demonstration.

Vaclav Klaus, Jr. Czech Member of Parliament

Dear friends,

In many developed western countries, the government is increasingly interfering with rights, freedom and privacy of biological families. In May we organized an event in front of Norwegian Embassy to raise awareness of this spreading threat and to protest against its implementation also in the Czech Republic.

Children are not goods neither are property of state. None of them should be handled like that and nobody should profit from their unfortunate situation.

Unfortunately, in 2012 Czech Republic adopted an amendment to the law which has the same approach to “protect” children as Norway (who strongly supported this amendment). We set out on the way we must never go, we must not implement more control over families but we must protect traditional family and its irreplaceable role and value in society. Since last amendment to the law we have seen in Czech Republic rapid increase in the number of child neglect cases (cases handled by social workers have grown 6 times since 2006).

We wish the best luck and to stay strong to every loving parent anywhere, whose basic right – the opportunity to raise his/her own children is deliberately questioned or threatened by the state or its institutions.

With the kindest regards

Václav Klaus (31 July , 2017)

Event organised by Centrum pro občanské svobody in Prague against child snatching by the State on 15 May 2017:

Suranya Aiyar (who runs this website) was invited to give a speech for this event which is published here.