Latvian Ministry of Justice Issues Guidelines on Harsh Foreign Child Protection Rules for Families Travelling Abroad – 25 February 16

This is a translation of the guidelines issued by the Latvian Ministry of Justice to build public awareness among immigrating Latvian families about the harsh child confiscation rules in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Norway. The is not an official translation; a link to the Latvian document is provided below.

Guidelines for protecting the rights of the child in the United Kingdom dated 25.2.2016

The Ministry of Justice has developed guidelines for the protection of the rights of the child in the United Kingdom. The guidelines are intended to inform Latvian families and advice as to what should be taken into account in protecting the interests of children when moving to that country.

The Ministry of Justice draws the public’s attention to the fact that when traveling with children to another country, Latvian citizens must comply with the laws of the particular country, as well as the standards and rules of childcare provided.

In response to cases of foreign authorities separating children from families of Latvian citizens, on December 16, 2015, an inter-institutional Working Group under the guidance of Justice Minister Dzintara Rasnača agreed on the extension of information and legal aid for the protection of children of Latvian citizens abroad. Consequently, work was begun on developing guidelines in this regard.

The guidelines will help Latvian citizens to orient themselves in the United Kingdom in accordance with the procedures, conditions and specific requirements regarding the protection of children’s rights and interests there. Particular attention is paid to the fundamental differences between Latvia and the United Kingdom, the rights and responsibilities of parents, and the causes of the above-mentioned problem will also be addressed.

Firstly, there are guidelines for the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Norway – countries where the most commonly immigrating Latvia families are facing issues in connection with childcare rules from the social services sector.

The text of the guidelines and the infographic can be found on the website of the Ministry of Justice.

[For the text in Latvian of the above document, including guidelines for England, Ireland, Germany and Norway see here. We are in the process of having these translated, and will upload the English translations shortly. – SaveYourChildren.In]