Statistics from Different Countries

Statistics from Different Countries

It’s not just migrant children – how child removals in the US system go wrong by Suranya Aiyar

All that is wrong with the way children are removed from their parents by US state agencies acting for their supposed "protection".

The US immigrant scandal shows children urgently need protection from the State by Suranya Aiyar

The scandal over immigrant children in the USA is part of much deeper problem of over-broad and poorly regulated powers of seizure and custody of children given to state agencies in Western countries. The US government has responded to the migrant children situation by piggy-backing on a system already in place of easy child confiscation…

Sex, Lies and Child Rights NGOs by Suranya Aiyar

Not only has the child protection industry been ignoring the culture of abuse of children outside the home, they have been guilty of molesting children themselves. What this does tell us is that the child protection industry has not been under sufficient scrutiny to keep to any standards – whether in the character of the…

SAVE YOUR CHILD FROM UNICEF by Suranya Aiyar, August 2015

A study of UNICEF’s biased and false claims about Indian parents

Police ignore judge’s order, to help Latvian family escape British social workers by Christopher Booker, The Telegraph, 2015

"Over the past three years, mounting alarm has been expressed by the Council of Europe, the European Parliament and various eastern European governments at the readiness of Britain’s social workers to seize an ever-growing number of children from foreign parents working in the UK for what they consider to be wholly misguided reasons."

What happened to putting children’s welfare first? by Christopher Booker, The Telegraph, Oct. 2016

An article with some recent statistics on UK CPS and some history on their child laws.

Are we taking too many children into care? The Guardian, November 2016

'Why is this happening – and what can be done?" Includes some latest statistics.

Birth Parents and the Collateral Consequences of Court-ordered Child Removal: Towards a Comprehensive Framework by Karen Broadhurst and Claire Maison, 2017

A wide ranging study arguing for a more humane approach to parents by the care system in First World countries.

Care Cases – The Looming Crisis, Sir James Munby, September 2016

Latest data - relentless rise in children taken into care - suggestions for further research

Fostering children is big business by Christopher Booker, The Telegraph, May 2016

"Most people would be startled to learn how much of the child protection sector is now dominated by a handful of companies, most of them run by ex-social workers. These companies are paid huge sums by local authorities to make their fostering arrangements."

Children stolen by the state, needlessly causing utter misery in one of Britain’s most disturbing scandals by Christohper Booker, Daily Mail, 2012

"the social workers cite vague reasons based on opinion rather than testable evidence — they use terms such as ‘emotional abuse’ the use of which has soared by 70 per cent."

10,000 Children Ripped From Their Families

Reported statistics on children in the UK care system. Express UK, 2011.