In Their Own Words: The Story of LP in Canada

In Their Own Words: The Story of LP in Canada

In this series, we present the testimony of persons saying they have been victimized by CPS. Names and other identifiers have been redacted.

June.2010, I was told by social workers, that I get to keep custody of 3 of my children, who then were 2, 7, and 9, but my 1 year old twins would be put up for forced adoption, and I was “not to question this”. I appealed the decision, I was denied, I then appealed it to the Canadian Supreme Court, I was denied. Without any money or means to fight back, I lost my children, my babies, whom I carried under my heart, whom I loved, kissed adored and attended to everyday. No matter how much I loved them, no matter how much they needed me, it was no match for the evil, lies and manipulation, against the child welfare’s agenda to fraudulently take them. It has been almost 4 years since myself, my family and my children have seen our precious Ba. and Br. 4 years of daily questions, “are they ok?, are they loved? are they alive?” I believe that forced adoption is one of the cruelest forms of terrorism, and must be stopped. these types of decision are done behind closed, locked doors, without the option of a jury of my peers (criminals charged with the most heinous of crimes, have this option). It is done without any public knowledge, and gag orders are usually put in place as a scare tactic to mothers who want to let the world know, the injustice that happens within these walls of hell. Until the Lord himself decides to take the breath from my body, nothing, no gag order, no bullying tactics, will stop me from telling my story with the bursting testimony that’s my heart.

This is what I wrote a few years ago.

That “4 years”, is now 8 years.

It’s difficult to put into words, the horror a mother endures, when having your child abducted by government (the people paid and obligated to protect you). The salt in the wound, is that the public don’t care, or “I must have done something”. I don’t drink, nor do drugs, nor practiced physical discipline. I loved my children who grew in me, whom I suffered to bring in the world, who I cuddled, kissed, feed, read and sung to every day. But because I had “too many”, was “single”, and my kids were “at risk of emotional harm”, was not, and is not a reason to spend, tens of thousands of dollars to steal them. They “saved” the wrong babies. (And never gave my family the opportunity or entertained the idea of someone in my family to care for them, which was a viable solution).