In Their Own Words: Testimony of Persons Claiming Victimisation by CPS

In Their Own Words

How I lost my grandson to ruthless US child protection authorities by Susan Barringer Wells

They rejected my daughter as a caregiver claiming mental unfitness when it was they who did everything to exacerbate her problems. And they rejected me, the grandmother, as a caregiver, based on my disagreement with them on how to treat her.

And then, Child Protection Services took my baby away (Part I & II) by Vivianna Graham

A family's nightmare with US child protection services.

In Their Own Words: The story of Ken and Vibeke in Norway

"It feels like everything is geared to losing invaluable time, so that we will be met with the argument that our daughter has got too attached to the foster home and that it will not be in the best interest for her to return to us."

In Their Own Words: The Story of LP in Canada

"Until the Lord himself decides to take the breath from my body, nothing, no gag order, no bullying tactics, will stop me from telling my story with the bursting testimony that's my heart."

In Their Own Words: The story of DS and her family in Norway

"Later that month, I was arrested in Denmark with the children. We were taken on a night boat to K.. As we walked down the gangway the two younger children were crying desperately. An employee on the boat commented: "So terrible to hear" while we walked past where he worked. Nevertheless, CPS constantly claim that…