Dr Waney Squire Hounded By British Authorities For Speaking Against SBS Misdiagnosis

Dr Waney Squier is a highly qualified and widely respected British neuropathologist practicing at the famous John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, UK. Dr Squier is also Honorary Clinical Lecturer at the University of Oxford. She gave expert testimony in many cases against misdiagnosis of shaken baby syndrome. This seems to have angered advocates of Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) theory in the medical, legal and police community, and in 2016, a Detective Inspector in the Metropolitan Police filed a complaint against her before the General Medical Council, saying that her expert testimony was causing them to lose child abuse cases. The proceedings against her were criticised by medical and legal experts, as they appeared to be an effort in censoring medical practitioners  who did not believe in SBS theory. Dr Squier’s medical license was restored on appeal, but she has been restrained for the time being (till 2019) from giving expert evidence on SBS cases.

Reports on the proceedings against Dr Squier here and here.. A report on other SBS critics who were similarly persecuted, and in the end intimidated into silence is here.  An article in a science magazine giving some of the basis for Dr Squier’s assessment that SBS is a mistaken theory is here. An early article on Dr Squier’s work on SBS is here. Read about the persecution of Dr Marta Cohen in the same way elsewhere on this website.

A BBC programme on the controversy here.

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